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Does my business qualify for funding from Pershing Ventures?

Your business needs to meet the initial qualifying criteria for Pershing Ventures to initiate due diligence. Please refer to the following section of our website to see specifics:  Process

What is the ideal candidate for Pershing Ventures?

Pershing Ventures is focused on private, revenue positive, early-stage businesses and SMEs who are inadequately serviced by the traditional financial ecosystem. Our geographic focus is on clients located in the following countries: United States, United Kingdom, Australia, or New Zealand. Ideal companies will have a clear track record of producing revenue, strong gross profit margins and growth rates, and have a clear revenue productive “use of funds” case.

How much funding does my business qualify for from Pershing Ventures?

Pershing Ventures provides growth capital in amounts from US$25k to US$1 million through non-dilutive revenue-based finance. Average transactions with a first time customer range from US$250k to US$500k, and increase with the customer’s business success. The determination is driven by quantitative factors based on our proprietary credit models and scoring which consider financial statement forecasting, revenue quality and growth, gross profit margin and net profit margin, balance sheet management and cash flow. Qualitative factors such as management team, business model and history, industry and sector dynamics, and relevant geographical factors, etc.

What is the process for application?

Funding may be delivered as quickly as 2 to 4 weeks from the initial conversation.

  • Click [Apply For Funding], and complete the Initial Due Diligence Survey.

  • Pre-Call circulation of:

    • Company Pitch Book

    • Any supporting Due Diligence materials as requested

  • Video Conference Call with Investment Committee member

  • Financial Due Diligence via connection of accounting software to Verified Metrics

  • Provide outstanding documents and items from due diligence checklist

  • Receive indicative terms and financing structure

What is Pershing Ventures?

Pershing Ventures is established in the State of Wyoming, USA as a C-Corporation.

What is Revenue Based Financing?

Revenue based financing is a form of non-dilutive growth capital which is predominantly driven by the customer’s revenue history and forecasted revenue growth. Furthermore, it is repaid over time based on the amount of revenue generated in each period.

How does Pershing Ventures structure its Revenue Based Financing transactions?

Pershing Ventures structures its transactions to be repaid monthly. Repayments are based upon a pre-agreed percentage of the customer’s monthly revenue. This allows for repayments to be made in-line with monthly sales performance and align with cash flow management. Because of this, there is no final repayment deadline or maturity. Additionally, there is no requirement for personal guarantees, collateral, or board seats, and no pre-payment penalty after a short window.

Can I receive additional funding from Pershing Ventures?

After closing a transaction, Pershing Ventures monitors the outstanding transaction and the growth of your business with an eye to providing additional capital when the business has an incremental use case. Many of our customers return to execute follow-on transactions after repaying the initial one, or in the case of dramatic growth results from our capital, may seek to upsize an outstanding transaction prior to full repayment.

Why is Pershing Ventures different?

The founders of Pershing Ventures have backgrounds in both private and public financial markets with pedigrees in traditional, structured, and cross-border financing which results in a unique and flexible approach to the business. The Investment Committee, while informed by technological driven due diligence, makes human decisions to identify the right financing solution for your corporate structure, business model and growth aspirations. Pershing Ventures does not rely on one specific type of model to evaluate your business, rather it utilizes different credit frameworks to ensure it’s applying an appropriate lens to the customer and its funding requirements.

What are the top use cases for financing?

Pershing Ventures capital is commonly used to fund growth activities such as sales and marketing, addressing order backlog and geographic expansion. Achieving profitability faster by closing sales leads faster or monetizing higher margin business is also an attractive use case.

More technical applications include:

  • Extending runway to delay an equity raise for better market conditions

  • Optimizing a raise by boosting revenue in advance of an industry multiple being applied, to reduce overall dilution by raising less, or even topping up an equity round for newly identified projects

  • Acquiring revenue accretive target companies in the context of an industry roll-up strategy

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