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Flexible investment to grow your business

Fast, flexible investment from $25k to $1M for early stage ventures and SMEs that want to grow.

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Tailored investment to accelerate your growth

Access to capital is the biggest problem facing asset-light companies that don’t fit the traditional financier’s profile. We work closely with these clients to understand their business, financial drivers and growth strategy to provide bespoke investment solutions that accelerate growth.

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“It's been a delight working with Pershing Ventures. They got to know the team and understand the company's situation. They were very helpful and willing to work with the company to develop a solution that really benefited the business. I see them as a partner and will continue to use their services in all future businesses to grow and expand.”

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Carla Lamb

Group General Counsel, Know Your Customer

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Selected Portfolio Companies

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Powerful analytics tools to make finance easier

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We do more than flexible investment. Partnering with gini, we provide you with powerful analytics tools to create cash flow forecasts, financial projections, headcount plans, and dashboards in literal minutes. Connected directly to your accounting software, you’ll be able to stay on top of your finances in real-time and get the insights you need to grow your customer base and scale even faster. 

“The Pershing Ventures investment model is very unique. They worked hard to understand me and the business. They've helped me lay the foundation for us to increase our online sales both through their investment and professional support.”

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Olivia Cotes-James

Founder, Luuna Naturals

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Frequently asked questions

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How is Pershing Ventures different from other investment providers? 

Our competitors have focused on systemizing their processes.  This means that they try to fit each customer into one of their pre-made off the shelf solutions.  At Pershing Ventures, we customize our solutions to each business, creating the optimal solution for your corporate structure, business model and growth aspirations.

How much can I get from Pershing Ventures?

We can invest US$25 thousand to US$1 million . We do this through Royalty Agreements, Equity and Equity-like instruments.

How are the investment offers generated? 

Our investment will consider several things, such as how much revenue you are generating and how you have managed your business historically. The more clearly you can correlate the potential investment with a use of funds case and incremental growth, the larger of an investment we can consider. We will always give you a few options to choose from to ensure your needs are met.

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